***********Cancellation Update ************

Further to our statement following the Sunday cancellation we would like to continue to keep you updated , Today we have met with our insurers to discuss the options available to us in terms of refunds credits etc . 

The insurers have informed us that refunds are NOT COVERED by a cancellation caused by weather or an extraordinary event that is completely out of the control of the event organisers . We have submitted all our reports and statements which categorically proves that Shardfest on the Sunday needed to be cancelled due to the high winds and the forecasted weather report received from Birmingham MET office at 0930 hrs. The information that was provided meant we had no choice but to cancel the event due to the high risk to public safety .. The decision was not taken likely and every scenario was looked at in great detail but based on consultations with our Health and Safety advisor the infrastructure suppliers , medical team and stage engineers it was deemed that the decision to cancel was the  only decision that could be made .

Based on the information we have received from our Insurers we have spoken with our legal advisors to ascertain where we stand in terms of refunding tickets , we have been advised that the following is what we can offer in terms of meeting our legal obligations ...

Shardfest will offer Tickets to Shardest 2019 in lieu of any tickets purchased for Shardest 2018 that have NOT BEEN REDEEMED sunday or weekend , however proof  of purchase will be required. If you purchased a physical ticket you will need to keep hold of your ticket and present the ticket to the ticket office on entering the event in 2019 . Weekend tickets will have your stub stamped and those will need to be shown at the ticket office .

This will also apply to tickets purchased from GROUPON as they do not operate a refund policy as a third party agent , we have today spoken with Groupon to ensure they have the correct information to forward on .



We apologise for any inconvenience caused and must stress we did everything we could to get the event on , but we had no choice as we could not risk public safety . 

We know there has been a lot of public rumour reference Shardfest and a lot of speculation we would like to address that all comments made that are deemed to be slanderous will be investigated by our legal representatives , we have never set out or intended to cancel our event the event is now in its 5th year and with that has grown in stature , with recent events around the country which has seen fatalities it was a necessity to cancel the Sunday . 


We realise that the NO CASH refund will cause upset to which we are sorry but we have insured that we are legally correct to offer a in lieu ticket for 2019 as it meets the within 12 month time period required . 

Also we will again be looking at Ticket Discounts for local residents in the B34 postcode . 

Stall Holders will also be offered a 50% discount for 2019 , with caterers our contracts clearly state that all fees are non refundable however we have decided that a 50% reduction on Fees will also be offered to those catering providers who wish to return for 2019 .

The Shardfest organisers would like to stress that Shardfest is not just organised by Paul Smith and feel the recent barrage of abuse aimed at him is unjust and very disappointing, Paul has championed Shardfest for many years and has always promoted Shard End where ever he has been around the city and country . He has worked tirelessly to build Shardfest and has brought together a organising team that will  make right the mistakes made this year . 

A full review is currently being undertaken and meetings are being arranged with WMP and Birmingham City Council SAG group , we will also be looking at meeting with local residents to work with them to improve relations and put in place where possible solutions to issues they have . 

Finally we would like to reiterate that SATURDAY WAS NEVER PROMOTED AS A FAMILY DAY all we did as a festival was allow choice and NOT restriction the thought process behind this was simply that the acts performing have an average age fan base of 13-18 years and we felt it would be wrong to prohibit those from being able to attend . 


Once again NO where in our promotion does it state SHARDFEST IS A FAMILY FESTIVAL our promotion clearly states THE PEOPLES FESTIVAL.. however what we did was promote the Sunday as being a family day and the acts and attractions were booked around a family theme .

SHARDFEST WILL RETURN IN 2019 on the weekend on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st July.

we would like to thank all those who shown their support for Shardfest .